At the U School, we are teaching students to actively participate in making the world a better place following the steps of: love, dream, do.  The first step is to love, which means you must actively understand yourself and the world around you. You must make efforts to use your compassion and caring to support your community of learners. In your exploration you should be guided by empathy, which will give you a deep understanding of others.  Your dreams represent your creativity and imagination. You will use your expanding understanding of the world around you to imagine audacious solutions to the challenges and opportunities we face in our world. Finally, to truly learn, you must do. You must make your dreams a reality. You will struggle and sometimes fail to do so at times, but those moments are opportunities for learning. After that you should create something and then learn from what you’ve created.  To start the process here are some of the guidelines and expectations for our first year.  We look forward to growing together through our mistakes and successes, and fully expect to revise this each year.

The U School Student Handbook 2022-2023  (PDF Version) |

The U School Student Handbook 2022-2023 (Google Doc)