Vision + Mission

Our Vision

We Love. We Dream. We Do. Students are given real world opportunities to apply knowledge and fulfill their greatest potential. Those who use the school are empowered with responsibility to create the world for themselves.

Our Mission

The U School readies ALL young people for college and careers by supporting students to accept challenges and opportunities through: student agency, real-world problem-solving, developing engaging high-quality products with the purpose of demonstrating mastery , and to push the boundaries of seat time through asynchronous learning.


We believe that TRUST, SAFETY, SUPPORT and HONESTY represent the basic ingredients of a healthy connection

We believe that all humans possess PASSION

We believe that JOY is derived from human passion

We believe that EMPATHY is a connection-building and marketable skill

We believe RESPONSIBILITY embodies our commitment to self, and others


We believe that appropriate CHALLENGE is the basis of all great learning

We believe that CREATIVITY is a lens to solve problems

We believe that RISK-TAKING and MISTAKES are learning opportunities

We believe that COLLABORATION and NETWORKS are launch pads for success

DREAM-MAKING  represents the alignment of passion and purpose


We believe that people learn by DOING

We believe that doing is difficult, and creation is EMPOWERING

We believe that GROWTH represents individual adaptation to adversity

We believe that PERSISTENCE is an indicator of future success

We believe that REFLECTING about where you are is as important as the process of getting there